There is no dog that can't be trained,

only owners that don't know how to do it - YET. 




Naughty Behavior


Proper Walks

Calm Behavior



Walking Calmly

Have Friends Over

Without Dog Chaos

BOTH you and your dog deserve to be truly HAPPY!

We Help You Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Does your dog...

Pull on leash? 

Bark at everything? 

Bite, nip, lunge? 

Ignore your commands? 

Have potty training issues?

Do you feel...

​Embarrassed by your dog's behavior? 

Frustrated when your dog barks at everything? 
Fearful that nothing will change? 

Exhausted - Emotionally and Physically?

What Clients Are Saying...

Honestly, I cannot recommend Jocelyn enough. When I contacted her in desperation to help with my enormously out of control cane corso pup, I had also contacted my breeder bc another trainer had told me she was beyond training and I should rehome her Jocelyn came over for a visit and was honest about how much work it would be, and what we would need to do, but has been able to turn our big bratty monster into a mostly obedient (she's a 16 month old pup so take what you can get ) great pup who loves to run around the yard off leash, comes when called, isn't trying to attack everything that she sees anymore, and is sooooo much more under control and happy. I seriously cannot thank you enough for all of your help with our pack. We still have work to do, but in just a couple of months I already feel like I have control of my home again and that alone is priceless! I will recommend you to everyone I know forever and will always always bring my dog babies to you!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!​

-Jenny N.

We Believe YOU Deserve...

To have a dog that listens to your every command

To enjoy bringing your dog out to public places

Peace & Quiet in your home

Enjoyable visits with friends

Long, happy walks with your dog

​​​Imagine your dog having proper behavior in your home...

Imagine your dog listening to commands in your home...

Imagine being able to walk your dog down the road calmly...

Imagine having friends over without your dog losing his mind...

Imagine your dog listening when you ask them to come...​

It IS POSSIBLE when you work with us! 

For 7+ years, Jocelyn Willis has been one of the most sought out Trainers in Southern New Hampshire. Jocelyn has helped hundreds of families just like yours find success with their dog's training. 

What Clients Are Saying...​

We can't recommend Jocelyn enough! We have worked with several different trainers over the years, but none compare to Jocelyn! In just a few months our previously dog reactive pup has learned how to play appropriately with other dogs, off leash recall, and on leash manners on top of countless other skills. Jocelyn has been invaluable to us!

-Miah D. 

How To Get The Help You Need With

Elated Canine...

Step #1

Click on the Click Here For A Free Evaluation Button. 

Step #2:

Fill Out Our Evaluation That Will Pop Up Which Gives Us The Most Information On How To Help You!

Step #3

We Will Be In Touch To Discuss Best Training Options For Your Unique Training Needs. ​

We Can't Wait To Help You With Your Dog!

What Clients Are Saying...

We did a board and train with Jocelyn for our dog Oliver. He is a lab/collie mix and 8 years old (so don’t say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). We moved back into an apartment after selling our home and he did not react well to it. He started having a lot of reactivity and overall was extremely stressed. We did not know how to handle it and probably only made it worse. After 2 weeks in board and train you can see the confidence built in him, and the self regulation over stress that he never had. She has given us so many tools and tips to make us successful not only Ollie. It has been an amazing experience so far and we can’t wait to continue training with her and helping Ollie become the best most confident version of himself. We have also been using her tips with our other dog and it is working amazing for her as well. You can also see how much Ollie loves her and her family which is a testament in itself how great of a trainer she is. I would recommend her to anyone!! Thank you!!!

-Kayla K.

My Guarantees to you...

My techniques will not only teach you how to train your dog, but they'll change the life that you and your family live with your dog.

If you have a dog, this is the best decision you'll make in regards to your pet.

I'm going to help you turn things around so that your dog is... HAPPY, HEALTHY and LISTENING! 

What Clients Are Saying...​

Jocelyn is excellent and so passionate about dogs! She is a great teacher and is dedicated to both the dog & owner’s success with training. We came to Jocelyn when our dog Aiden was having huge reactions to other dogs and animals, pulling us on walks, and showing some troublesome behaviors towards guests in our home. She has completely transformed him in just a few months. He walks great on a leash, has minimal reactions, and is learning how to greet people and cope with fears. We rescued him and she rescued us and couldn’t be happier with the results!

-Maura D.

What Clients Are Saying...

We have a golden retriever that we nicknamed Monster because she had no manners, wouldn’t listen and essentially declared herself the boss of the house. We sent her to Jocelyn for two weeks and she came back home a completely different dog. She listens, obeys commands and now sleeps in a crate with no issues. It was a miracle and a drastic change all thanks to Jocelyn. If you are on the fence on whether to send your four legged friends to training, you should pick Elated Canine.

-Ryan F

About Me

My name is Jocelyn Willis. I am a Wife and Mom of 2 of the sweetest daughters.

We have 2 cats, an old man American Pitbull Terrier pup named Zuko, a very smart and funny Doberman named Lilly, a German Shepherd named Boston and a new puppy Golden Retriever named Ripley. I was born and raised in New England, I thoroughly enjoy all four seasons we are afforded here in beautiful New Hampshire. As a family, we enjoy activities out in nature like hiking, camping, swimming, snowboarding and training Zuko, Lilly, Boston and Ripley on our local rail trails. Our favorite is taking our family and dogs camping. ​

I am a kid at heart. A silly joke will make me smile anytime. I love playing with kids and dogs because they are so pure at heart and there's no judgement in their eyes. My favorite foods are Mac and Cheese and ooey gooey Brownies. I'm a water junkie. You will see me swigging water all day long. I love to sing and dance to a good song. Country, Rock, Pop, Latin.. they all make my hips sway and feet move. ​

I am one of those people who can't sit still. I am always doing something. I love to soak up the sun and I get out in nature every chance I get. I am also an avid traveler. I have been to many states and countries. I travel for business every 3-4 months and for pleasure atleast 1-2 times a year. I've lived in New England most of my life and I did a summer abroad in Australia, which I absolutely loved. ​

I bet you're wondering what brought me to dog training. I was a School Teacher for 11 years and spent my summers and vacations helping my friend train dogs for fun as a volunteer at the local shelter. I worked with kids with disabilities in an inner city, mostly in 3rd graders. I had my second daughter very prematurely and was let go from my job because I was out of school for so many months while she was in the NICU. I took 2 years off of my career to help her become a big, strong and healthy girl. When it was time to go back I couldn't quite get myself to do it. I searched my soul and decided I needed to be back working with dogs.

My first dog Chance was my soul dog. I adopted him before children and marriage, but he was there to help me raise my girls. When I met him, he was at the shelter for 11 months and he was just barely over a year so most of his life was spent either on the streets of NYC or in the confines of a loud shelter. Behaviors were BOUND to come out of that. He was a tough nut to crack, but I was determined that there was a great dog under all that idiotic behavior. I learned so much from him, but I learned more from the people who helped me create a great dog. I started volunteer training at shelters, then I worked as an adoption counselor and finally I got a job as a trainer at a facility. After that, I opened my own business in December 2016, did an apprenticeship at a busy NYC training facility and the rest is history!

I am a proud member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and have earned a

Dog Trainer certification through them. ​

Curious about more? Feel free to ask! I can't wait to get to know you and your family!

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“Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy”

-Lao Tzu

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-Jim Rohn

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